Weighing My Options

“Life is a lot like baking. You need to ensure you have the right ingredients, tools, time and even an idea of who might get to have a taste of the finished product”. ~ Unknown

Hello friends!

Just as I carefully weigh ingredients, I have been weighing my college options for the best outcome for my particular situation. Taking an honest inventory of self was my first thought. I do not want to apply for colleges based on their prestige. Like high school, college is another educational step you take that helps you to reach your life goals. In order to eventually own an allergy-friendly bakery and cafe, my primary focus should be on gaining knowledge in managing and establishing business in addition to culinary skills.

Based on my high school courses completed, I could go straight to a university and major in business and or culinary arts, but I have no desire to go into debt before completing my degree. The food industry is not the most lucrative and I would like to move forward with less liability as possible. For this, I could look into scholarships, but with scholarship comes commitment. It will take flexibility away from continuing to operate and grow my business and being a full-time student.

What I need right now is flexibility with an option to continue my educational journey that allows me to do both. This greatly narrows down my options. I believe at this stage, what I need is to complete my General Education, even if it means taking a few classes at a time. This will allow me the freedom and time to weigh my options of which schools and what major best aligns with where I am heading. Keeping this in mind, I chose to attend community college first while I continue to build my business.

Although I do not foresee any changes in my dream of opening up an allergy-friendly bakery and cafe, the two years in community college will allow me to keep my options open. Perhaps I might find other options and opportunities I may not even have thought of before?

Nana Xoxo

P.S. If you are a senior in high school and are planning for college, I found this senior checklist by the College Board to be very helpful:

How to Start Planning for College in 12th Grade

Additionally, if you would like to discover majors or career paths that combine the things you love to do or just for inspiration, the College Board offers a simple yet effective career finder through Roadtrip Nation:

Career Finder


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