The Best is Yet to Come...

Hello Friends! I hope all of you are enjoying the New Year. In today’s blog post, I wanted to share some exciting things that happened last month.

I got to cater for the All iLEAD Staff Team Building Event (my school).

For the event, I made 300 donuts! I have never made that many donuts before!

I also got to do a presentation on how I applied project based learning and the 7 Habits to pursue my dreams.

I am very thankful that my mum, sister, and Mrs. Maurer (my educational facilitator) were there to support me. I couldn’t have done it without them. I am especially grateful for Mrs. Maurer for always supporting, encouraging, and believing in me. Thank you Mrs. Maurer!!!

Later that month, I was invited to the 2019 All iLEAD Board Retreat.

The theme of the event for that night was the Pack Rat-era, my favorite musical genre, complete with a Frank Sinatra cover singer. The singer was so cool! I personally thought he was better than Frank Sinatra.

During the dinner, they presented a surprise award ceremony. The awards were based on what iLEAD stands for: International, Leadership, Entrepreneurial Development, Arts, and Design Thinking. I received the Entrepreneurial Development award. I was so happy and honored to receive this award. The International Award went to Dr. Nastovska. I learned an important lesson when Dr. Nastovska gave her acceptance speech. She thanked the audience then dedicated the award to her team. She also thanked all who work tirelessly for the iLEAD International School. I am renewed, refreshed, and inspired after attending this event.

Furthermore, I realized that my award also represent all who have helped, supported, and mentored me. I am truly grateful for my family, friends, Mrs. Mauer, iLEAD Exploration, iLEAD Online, and facilitators. They all work hard for students like myself and focus on each and every student’s success as if their own. I am very grateful to be surrounded and supported by what I call "My Village”. It truly does take a village to raise a child. So I would like to thank my family, friends, and the iLEAD family and dedicate my award to my village.

Nana Xoxo


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