"Welcome Great Pumpkin"

Hello friends! As we wait to welcome “ The Great Pumpkin”, let’s prep our pallet with some pumpkin spice. Yes, prep our pallet because as you all know, there are no pumpkins in pumpkin spice.

Why is it that we love pumpkin spice so much? To me, the flavour reminds me of all the happy memories of the holidays. Especially Thanksgiving! If anything were to get you in the mood for the holidays, it’s pumpkin spice. Perhaps that is why the retail industry embraces and welcomes the pumpkin spice season so generously. Surprisingly, their generosity has gotten earlier in the recent years. The earliest being Starbucks’ PSL in August.

Speaking of which, I have something very exciting to share! Although October 1st is my official pumpkin spice season, may I recommend and introduce to you,

drumroll please…

“Pumpkin Spiced Petits”

They are a petite bite size version of the “Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice” donut. Making them the perfect holiday snack.

They also pair very well with the new Harvest Variety! (Available Now)

I hope all of you enjoy the autumnal weather and pumpkin spiced desserts. Perhaps consider 'spicing' things up with my new “Pumpkin Spiced Petits”. (Pun intended)

Nana Xoxo


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