“We all make time for what we feel is important in our lives”


Keeping fit is not always easy when we are busy but if it is one of our top priorities, I believe we will most likely make time for it. One of my unfufilled dreams/goals is to live a healthier lifestyle. Although I would like it to come instantaneously, I know things like this naturally takes time and patience.

There was a good blog post that I read on my personal trainer's site on the topic of “Patience” where she believe patience plays a rather large role in life. You can read more about patience at

Speaking of patience, I have been working hard in achieving my "healthier lifestyle". I was making positive progress but after a while, I started to plateau. I thought "How could this be?" I have been exercising and eating quite healthy. Then Coach Vicky told me about Pn (Precision Nutrition) an online nutrition coaching program she was offering. She told me it was not so much what I ate but how I ate it.

I am now 10 weeks into the program and have learned so much! I thought I would have to give up all of my favourite foods. This was not the case. In fact, there is no such thing as bad food. As long as I am not allergic, I can have it. It taught me how to handle food and how to balance them to accommodate occasional indulgence. I have gained healthier habits, that will soon lead to a healthier me. Through building healthy habits, I learned to ask myself if that particular item will nourish me physically, mentally, and spiritually. I can still enjoy sweet things, just in moderation.

I highly recommend this program for those who have an unfulfilled dream/goal to live a healthier lifestyle too. If you are interested in Pn you can contact my coach @JoinTeamFAB

Nana Xoxo


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