I almost died today... at least I felt like I was.

You see, you may think that since I'm homeschooled, I can sit around as I work through my online classes and worksheets, but I also have a teacher and a mum who makes sure I stay fit and healthy. Well, my Educational Facilitator/teacher Mrs. Maurer keeps track of hours my mum logs for me. As for my Physical Education, I am taking a body conditioning class from Coach Vicky. Between the three of them, they forge the Eye of Sauron when it comes to fitness. My mum loves to cook very "nutritious and healthy" food. Mrs. Maurer wants a log to keep track of my physical activity and class which my mum enthusiastically keeps track for her. Then there is Coach Vicky... She is not warm and fuzzy "it's okay if you can't do it" type for SURE! She understands and knows my ability and will NEVER let me get away with anything less. I am actually afraid to say "I can't" because she does not allow us to say that. This is how my day of death began...

I woke up to my mum blending... not a milkshake but a Kale Smoothie. YUM. We have something like this everyday so this is how I started the day. Normal, as usual, nothing out of the ordinary. One problem, I wanted to get some school work done before I head out to the gym. So I did sip my smoothie a little here and there while I worked through my school work but I had to leave without having the rest of the breakfast (although it was prepared for me and sitting in front of me... sorry mum). I felt fine, good, and invincible.

The warm up exercise was a breeze. I moved on to sled push exercise. Yes, I push this evil contraption back and forth with weights sometimes with my sister atop - I've been told it's a legitimate exercise. Half way through this exercise, I felt a sharp pain in my stomach and a little light headed. I excused myself to get some water but with no avail, I had to sit out. This is when I thought of all possible worst case scenarios including death. So my coach asked how I felt, what I had for breakfast and at what time? and which side of the stomach hurts? I thought to myself, food poisoning and I am going to die. Then the last question hit me; could it also possibly be appendicitis? Her diagnosis was that I did not have enough breakfast and that I needed a little sugar boost and suggested the honey they have at the gym for this purpose.

Unwilling to admit that it's something so simple, I pictured my appendix bursting at the gym and this will be my last day on earth. Since I was unwilling to yield to her diagnosis I sat on the sideline accepting my slow death. Only to be noticed by another coach who was training someone else at the time. He came over and asked me the same exact questions my coach asked. He then brought over this cute little bear container filled with honey and told me to eat some. By this time, my pain was quite literally killing me so I chose honey as my last meal. I ate some and lied down. He said "you'll be fine in five minutes" but I was still not convinced. Few minutes went by, my stomach pain subsided and to my own amazement I was feeling back to normal. I even questioned myself this "are you in pain Nana?" Could something so simple as low blood sugar cause such agony? Anyway, I went back to my training and bench pressed my record weight to date. So what did I learn today? Trust the coach, eat a healthy diet and don't jump to conclusions too quickly our body is amazing and if you treat it right, we will be rewarded. Donuts anyone? ​​

So here's a little shameless plug for my coach. Her name is Vicky and she trains out in Long Beach. We travel out there to train with her. Her specialty is training parents and children, but she trains athletes too. She is also my mum's personal trainer who keeps her in shape so she can enjoy all my baked goods. At least that's what she tells me. If you are in the Long Beach area or beyond like us and are interested, she has a website. Her website is www.fabwithvicky.com and you can also follow her on Instagram at @fabwithvicky or you can message me with any questions.

Nana xoxo


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