Happy Easter

My Baba (maternal grandmother) passed away six years ago. I miss my Baba very much. Her death anniversary landed in the midst of Passover and Easter this year. I decided that I wanted to make a special donut inspired by her.

My Baba's favourite dessert flavours are coconut, marshmallow, and lemon. She was also born in the year of the lamb or sheep so I chose lamb as my theme. Coincidentally, lamb is an important symbol of both Easter and Passover and best describes my diverse and eclectic ethnic background. This is how I designed my donut for this Easter/Passover. I drew up a rough sketch of how I wanted it to look. Above is my sister's final sketch of the donut. Then I named it "Baba Hoops" in honor of my Baba.

I hope all of you had a wonderful Easter and enjoying your Passover. I am dreaming about sharing my Baba Hoops with you next year. Hopefully my little donut stand will be open for business soon.

Nana Xoxo


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