Choristers Guild

Besides baking, I love music! The choir that I am a part of participated in the annual Choristers Guild Festival. If you are not familiar with the Choristers Guild Festival, it is where children's choirs from all over Southern California gather to perform a variety of songs based on an annual theme. This year's theme was African-American Spirituals or as they put it "The Music of the Soul". The guest director, Victoria Burnett, is a talented singer and master storyteller.

Ms. Burnett spent the day with all the children and rehearsed for the festival performance. During rehearsal, she shared inspirational stories. She told us about her father and how he used to tell her to "Put some meat on those bones" when she sang as a little girl. Which she explained that it meant, whatever you do, do it with passion. Her stories have inspired me to give my all in everything I do.

The performance was amazing! We entered singing "Do Lord, Remember Me" then we sang "Fanga Alafia" a hello and welcome song that Ms.Burnett taught us. I loved all the songs we sang especially " I Want Jesus to Walk with Me" and "Ain't Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me Around". We even got to hear Ms.Burnett tell a story which was a treat. I think my favorite part was when all of the children's choirs were exiting and the sound of "Do Lord, Remember Me" was fading in the air.

Nana Xoxo


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