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I believe in providence, where things just come together in the most divine ways. For this, I feel blessed how this came together when I needed it the most. I was going through a rather disappointing phase of my exciting venture. I have hit many roadblocks, mainly because of my age and legal “hoops” (pun intended), in order to get licensed in the food business in the State of California. So many times, I’ve been told to come back when I am 18 in a span of ONE month. I am determined but what do I do with all these “hoops” I must clear?

This is where my story of providence begins. Knowing the right person - my music director. The perfect timing- at the convention where my music director was tied up unable to see her daughter visiting from Cambodia. The divine opportunity- director’s daughter making a surprise visit to the convention. This is the convention I was at as you may remember from my previous blog post. The director’s daughter happens to own a famous bakery in Cambodia. I had a wonderful opportunity of meeting this very talented baker and an inspiring mentor. Her name is Melissa Stock.

Melissa and her husband Matthew owns a bakery/training center in Cambodia where the students in the hospitality course are taught the art of cake baking and decorating at a world class standard. They help their students earn a fair and generous wage and also assist them in getting employed by some of the best employers in the hospitality industry in Cambodia.

Melissa started out as a nine year old girl with a passion in baking and music. I knew music and baking go hand in hand! She grew up to be a choir director, worship leader, and a pianist. Then she later opened her own business called The Sassy Cupcake in 2008. Her talent in baking, teaching, and leadership skills lead to her current business in Cambodia. Living out her passion with her husband training and mentoring future bakers.

BloomAsia cakes are renown for their creativity and artistry, and have even graced the covers of newspapers and magazines. From cupcakes to multi-tiered mega creations, Bloom cakes are highly sought after for weddings and celebrations all over Phnom Penh.

After this wonderful opportunity of meeting her and spending time talking about my dreams and goals with her, I am back on track baking donuts. I have renewed energy in jumping through all the “hoops” that come my way. She has inspired and encouraged me in many ways. She is my newest inspirational person in “My Village”. I can picture myself in the future, owning my own business where I can also impact the lives of others in a positive way.

Nana Xoxo


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