A day at the California Science Center

My sister has been wanting to see (The Science Behind Pixar Exhibition) because her dream is to become an artist and to work at Pixar. We were a bit disappointed when the school field trip filled up so quickly. She and I were so excited when my mum got the tickets to go during our Spring Break.

Arriving a bit early, we got to explore the Rose Garden. Since it is Spring, the roses were in full bloom and the Garden smelled amazing! I took a 'lot' of photos!

Especially one flower in particular, right outside the car park that looks like a fried egg.

After the Rose Garden, it was off to the Pixar Exhibit. I am so glad we got there early because later on the line wrapped around the entire floor! The Exhibit was amazing! From instructional videos to hands on projects, it had it all.

I think my favourite part was how they made the mice in Ratatouille so FLUFFY! They did an absolutely fantastic job and thoroughly enjoyed my experience.

Next we got to see the Space Shuttle Endevour!

Before entering the exhibit, we watched the video of how the Space Shuttle was transported to the museum. The Endevour was so large to be transported on the streets of LA that it required electrical wires to be moved and trees to be trimmed! It's amazing how the Space Shuttle never got stuck! I remember seeing the Endevour fly past whilst in my music class but it was really far away. Getting to see the Endeavour up close and learn about its history was quite a treat.

I had so much fun at the California Science Center!

Nana Xoxo


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