Hoops to Hoops

There is a first time for everything. This is really my first time blogging and first time sharing what's closest to my heart to the public. I am a Freshman at iLEAD Exploration. I have initially presented my academic and project goals to my educational facilitator (EF) back in September. Academic goals are pretty self explanatory in my opinion so I won't bore you with that. As for my project goal, I presented my EF with my four year plan to establish a handmade accessory business which I planned to open before I graduate. ​​

I was excited and was looking forward to my first business venture. I was successfully turning my hobby into business and managed to get my first customer. Okay, it was my friend and she had offered to purchase my first bracelet. Until then, I was giving away my creations to my friends and family. There were so many bracelets I kept because I could not part with them. With the encouragement of my friends and family, I've decided to go into the business of selling bracelets. The supplies were bought, plans were made, and I was busy creating bracelets after bracelets.

​​ While I was excited to launch a real accessory business in the future, I ran into Mr. Fate. I call him Mr. Fate because I have no idea who this person is, yet he made a big impact on me. This fateful day happened back in November during a bake sale at a Fall Musical performance which I was involved in. My sister is gluten intolerant and we as a family always bring gluten free baked goods to sell at bake sales. For a year or so, we've been messing with a recipe that we came up with for gluten free donuts.

I made these donuts for the bake sale and people went crazy over them. We ran out of the donuts quickly, but I did not think much of it until Mr. Fate came up to me and said "wow, you're in the wrong business". His words kept on ringing in my head. He had no idea it was gluten free (I don't think I ever told him either). He just loved it so much he bought more. So if he is right, perhaps I am in the wrong business. This is why I made the switch from bracelet "hoops" to donut "hoops". My nickname is Nana so my business is now officially named "Hoops by Nana".


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