First Hoop... Getting the Home Occupation Permit

Hello friends! Thank you again for all the love and support! Today, I just received my DBA in The British Weekly and got the okay from the planning department!!!

Getting the approval for my CFO aka (Cottage Food Operation) and communicating with the city planning department the past three months have been quite crazy, but it was worth the wait.

Trust me, the city planning department do not enjoy emailing or talking on the phone. Turns out it's best to go in person.

The first planner, communicating via phone calls, decided she no longer wanted to stay in contact with us without giving us a heads up. The second planner whom we spoke to in person offered to stay in touch via email. However, after several correspondence which she required more extensions, we decided to pay a visit to the city planning department for the third time.

My mum was determined to get some answers on this third trip. We were told that we are the first ones in the city to apply and that they need more time to research. My mum inquired if we could get an estimate for a time frame they are looking at. At this the planner told her that the senior planner will have to conduct the research and she is busy with several deadlines she must meet.

My mum politely asked if the senior planner could tell the assistant planner the deadline for our inquiry. The planner went back to the office to relay my mum's request. The senior planner came out of her office and spoke to my mum. After my mum's persuasive explanation, the senior planner decided to sign off on the permit and asked for the payment.

I was more than happy to see my mum in action. After all, she is my Chief Financial Officer, as she proudly calls herself, and I am very grateful for her. Had she not have gotten me to the senior planner, I think I would be still stuck waiting for a response from the first planner.

Later that day, in the post, I had just received the newspaper in which my DBA was listed. I was not only happy with it but also with the stamp that was on it. It was a beautiful blue butterfly! It meant a lot to me because this entire process felt like the stages of a butterfly and I had just came out of a chrysalis.

Nana Xoxo


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