Frequently asked questions

Can you ship to a different state or country?

I wish I could but I am only certified for direct sales in the LA and OC area.

What are your prices?

Orders (at least 48hr notice) 1 for $2 5 for $8 10 for $15 15 for $20 Catering (at least one week notice) 100 for $125 Contact me for special pricing over 100

Are you certified gluten free and dairy free?

Although we do not have any gluten product in the kitchen, the health and safety of our customers are top prioreties of Hoops By Nana. Please be aware that normal kitchen operations at Hoops By Nana involve shared preparation and cooking areas. Due to these circumstances, we are unable to guarantee that any donut can be completely free of alergens.

Do you sell other gluten free treats?

Not at this time due to LA County Health department regulations for the cottage food operation. I am currently approved to sell six types of donuts. Hopefully we will add more to our menu when we renew our license next September.

Are your donuts fried?

No, they are all baked.